Layali Jewelry - Beautiful Handmade Sterling silver and copper Jewelry from Canada's West Coast

My name is Shirley Alexander, and I live on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. My home of Nanaimo, BC is a harbor city surrounded by all the best in scenery, whether it be our beautiful coastline and fantastic waters, or our stunning forests!

Many people have asked me about the meaning of my shop's name, Layali, and so here, finally, is the explanation:

A layali is the name for an improvised solo in the middle of a composition in middle eastern music. Before I was a silversmith, my first passion was middle eastern dance, commonly known as belly dance. When recurring bouts of foot problems some years ago forced me to give up dancing, I looked for something that would replace it in my heart. I stumbled across a listing for a beginner class in silversmithing, and signed up. One class was all it took - I was hooked and never looked back. So my business name is really a nod to my first passion, and a reminder that no matter what happens in life, there is always a new and wonderful passion lurking just around the corner! I am a studio of one...a solo artist so to speak, and the pieces I create are like those improvised solos.

3 Random facts about me:

- I drink my coffee black (who the heck has time to put anything in it?)

- If I could live in any time of history I would likely pick the present.....I have a love for running water and cleanliness!

- I love all animals and own multiple small dogs. These are my only shop assistants, and quite frankly, they take too many breaks and are a bit demanding!

I hope you will enjoy browsing and shopping my website! If you have visited and feel there is a way that this site could offer a more pleasant shopping experience for you, please be sure to email me!